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My name is David Rovsing, and I'm 26 years old.
I live in Odense, with my girlfriend. I'm working at Kviknet, Odense, at their Customer Support.
I've also been a Guard at the Royal Danish Life Guards, from April to November 2013.
In the last couple of years, I have dedicated my freetime to esports, by being part of companies and voulentary associations. At this momemt I'm a part of eSport Fyn, which is focusing on esport in Odense and Fyn in spectacular.


Customer Support

2016 - PRESENT

Supporting customers of Kviknet

Owner, Consultant, Tech. Admin.

2014 - PRESENT

E-Sport Fyn is a voluntary organization that intends to focus E-Sport in Odense and on Funen. Consulting other organizations on Funen to create a E-Sport "team", our focus is to create a healthy and socially Gaming Environment


2015 - 2016

As an IT-Supporter at SDU, I solve tasks which enters through a servicedesk system and tasks that come in through our telephone support.. The tasks are solved either by remote control, in the servicedeskens desk or out by the user himself, therefore there is very personal user contact on all counts.
Exam Grade: 12 / A - Apprenticeship Letter..


2007 - 2015

At Forum Faaborg I worked primarily as a lifeguard at their pool. I had responsibility for security, while I was at work and made sure that people lived up to this security. I have spent time on cleaning the Café area, swimming pools and changing rooms.
I was also responsible for opening and closing of the swimming pool, counting the money box, filling of chlorine / acid and system control in the basement.

In the bootcam, as a recruit I was placed in 1st Group, 2nd Division, 1. Company.
In my time at Livgardens Kaserne, as a Guard, I was part of the 2nd Guard-Team.

E-Sport projects

Here is a small list and info about my e-sports projects.
If you want a detailed version, you can click here.

eSport Denmark League - At eSport Denmark I'm working to start up a national league for eSport associations, which would be running as a Prologue in ultimo October
Consultant for DHG eSport - I'm cunsulting DHG eSport, so they're getting the best start in their newest exspand: E-Sports!
ClutchCasting - I helped start up the casting service, ClutchCasting, whom casted professional online- and offline Counter-Strike tournaments. I was the CMO of ClutchCasting.

IT Skills


Apple iOS

Windows 7/8/10

Microsoft Office

Adobe Programs

Other Skills

E-Sports overall

E-Sports Management

Administrative work

Work of Contracts

Security & Safety